Easter in Corfu !!!

Friday evening around 19:00, the festivities begin with the funeral march throughout the city.

The choirs, scouts and bands accompany the priests who marche with ornate coffins, relics or icons on the sound of the “Funeral March” by Chopin. Dressed in black and with a sad face because they celebrate the death of the Christ, it is an especially sad day. They make an other march at nightfall and lay the flower coffins in the churches after that the priest begins the Mass.

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Saturday at 9 am in all the many churches of Corfu, there is a Mass that is celebrated. Then, a little before 11 am, residents proud of the earthenware jars that they made, goes on the balconies in front of the passers curious and admirative about the show that will happen. Indeed, at 11 am, when the bells of the church rang, Corfiots throw their jars filled with water over the balcony. It is a great time of joy and splash, and it is a very warm moment with a good spirit. This old custom is to chase away the “evil” of the house. Passers rush to pick up the neck of the jar, which according to tradition brings good luck. You have to hurry if you want to have the chance to get one, because the accustomed are standing and ready to catch it.



In the evening all Corfu bands gather up to Leonida Vlachou square, thousands of faithful follow fanfares and gather with candles on the square. The Patriarch arrives at 23:30 to say the litany. He is accompanied by a priest who lights his taper at the flame of the altar, and then spreads to every believer. The litany concludes with a liturgical chant recited by the priest. The bells ring and the faithful greet each other by saying the traditional words “Christos anesti” (Christ has risen) and “Alithos anesti” (in truth, he is risen) and the fireworks begin.



Everywhere in Greece, Sunday is a day when families gather to roast Easter lamb, the meat is cook on a spit and outdoors. Pins are installed in the courtyards of houses, vacant lots or in the countryside and even in some cities in Greece, they are installed on sidewalks and passers can join in the fun. The spindle is rotated slowly by a responsible person also coat the lamb with a mixture of oil, oregano and lemon.


By Cyrielle

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