When the summer is knocking on the windows everybody`s looking for a solution to deal with the daytime heat and the hot nights.

I`m a type of person that wants to do it in nice company, with loud music and of course, quality beer. On a second thought, it would be better if you combine it with a good meal as well. And you imagine a backyard, green grass, shadows and domestic mood. But since I`m from Prilep, I think about the Beer Fest.Beer, BBQ, music, wonderful people and atmosphere. And so my smiley face starting from 14th till 17th July was in the center of Prilep enjoying in the beauty of this event.


These 4 days every part of my city breaths deeply. Inhales the beauty, smiles, meetings and exhales happiness and fun. I enjoy in the spectrum of my possibilities and the new, different energy that embraces the streets makes every single step with unique rhythm. I “startup” my shoes and begin to surf the crowd. I rush to the nearest open bar to cool down my soul with tasty beer. And there are so many: Krali Marko, Skopsko, Macedonian beer, Zlaten Dab, Amstel, all you have to do is chose. And traditionally I chose the home made one: Zlaten Dab. Of course, you have to stand in line. Obviously I`m not the only thirsty soul in this heat.


I don`t like waiting in line but this time I don`t mind it. I just observe around hoping to meet with my eyes someone that I know and that happens very often. Short talk, honest smile and eyes full of happiness, that`s something regular you experience.  It`s not that you don`t carry the burden of life with you, it just that we have hidden it in the depths of our pockets and somehow we managed to enjoy such moments, here and now. And of course, the beer is here to help: toast for hope of better tomorrow, in our health. So simple but so noble. I slowly make my way through the crowd to get to the main stage as the music is something you don`t want to miss.


I notice Crossroad band on the stage, Macedonian band whose songs introduced us to the following: Conquering Lion, Tropico band, Hari Mata Hari, Bang la deks, Samostalnireferenti and many others. And just I asked “who`s gonna sing to me” there comes Karolina Gocheva with her albums Macedonian girl 1 and 2. Beauty! The whole crowd, from the youngest to the oldest, no matter of sex, religion and nationality sings in one voice. Different music styles and yet there was always a lot of people in front of the stage. Positive flow of energy all around, laughter and people talking. No matter how much fun you have this can be exhausting so you tend to recover. That`s why you can see me together with my best friend rushing to the open bars again to taste something of the BBQ. It is even more delicious than it looks like. Every time I taste it I consider that there`s no better one than this local BBQ. The music is loud and still the people talk to each other. It is most common to hear different languages. People have come not only from Macedonia but from all around the world.


You meet different people delighted from their experience here and you are proud because of that and smiling even louder. And only the people even the rain decided to visit us the third evening.  A little bit refreshment, a little bit cold but nobody complained. On contrary, it made the people even more vivid. And like everything has its own end so and this four days adventure of ours. The band ParniValjak reminded us all that it’s the end of this year`s adventure. They sent us home with the desire for new reunion, same place another time. It was the end indeed, but only this year`s end. With enough motivation for the incoming summer heat we move on carrying the refreshment that occupied our souls.


Translate from Macedonian : Goran Galabov

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