Gupna slikaYouth Еxchange ˝FEW + MORE = INCLUSION˝ is a title of a youth exchange that connected 47 young people (including the leaders) coming from 9 European countries France ,Spain, Poland ,Estonia,Romania ,Turkey.Cyprus,Croatia and the host Macedonia  who are discussing together on many topics connected with young people with fewer opportunities and their inclusion into society with also trying to create new creative and innovative ideas for raising awareness of the presence of the people with fewer opportunities (with special focus on people with disabilities) in our societies.


In this project were are included young people form different categories young people from economic and social risk, young people with impaired hearing, down syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy and other disabilities, and as well young experts defectologists , youth workers,social workers and psihologists

With  seven days of youth exchange who was held in Struga between 18th and 25th of April , the participants will have the opportunity to raise awareness about the presence of people with fewer opportunities in our soieties (with special focus on people with disabilities); they will be included in fostering of the inter-cultural dialogue between people with fewer opportunities, coming from different European countries;

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they will be included in openspace, where they will be able to express their ideas,point of views and feelings, in a secure enviroment; they will break taboos, stereotyes and prejudices about different categories of people with fewer opportunities and the participants will have the opportunity  to discuss, share opinions and truly understand the meaning of the word ˝fewer˝

By doing the local action (flashmob and other activities) in the centre of Struga participants raised awareness of the local community and made them involved in the understanding of the term ˝fewer˝ and ˝inclusion˝.

This project is organized by Volunteers Center Skopje and Association Angeli from Split, Croatia (Udruga roditelja za djecu najteze tjelesne invalide i djecu s teskocama u razvoju Andjeli) supported by Erasmus + program on European Union.

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