Local activities October 2017

The end of October is approaching, isn’t it time to sum up what happened this month?



VCS team stayed busy, as soon as summer ended and September kicked in, boredom is an unknown term. October started with three of volunteers attending mid-term EVS training, energized after the sessions we came back full of new energy.

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Throughout the month Russian course proceeded, we managed to organize two movie nights, one Lithuanian, second South-African to spice our evenings up. While preparing Voices edition we caught some breath socializing at language cafe, attended Photoshop and InDesign workshop at the office helping us to master the skills. Even though we lost one valuable member of the team as we needed to say goodbye to Laura we kept on working. All in all we managed to realize four workshops in career centre allowing youth to dig into the subject of tolerance, discrimination, different religions and beliefs. We continued with the series introducing youngsters to team building activities, explaining some integration techniques. Together with local volunteers we organized yet another session in high school Vasil Antevski – Dren, the main topic Team Building. With the students from this high school we presented the most important things about teamwork,cooperation and communication. How to work in a team and how they can achieve their goal together, they found a way through some games and presentation. If you want to know what will be the topic of the next session , feel free and come to Vasil Antevski next month. At the end of the October we sent special expedition to Prilep to check out what other NGOs are up to. If you want to know more on that, click here, see you next month!


Your VCS Team


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