Annual EPTO event

IMG_2150On 22-23 September, Volunteers Center Skopje, represented by Andrej Naumovski and Vasko Joshevski, was participating in the Annual EPTO Event for Members 2018. It was a regular meeting of members of the EPTO network held in Modica, Sicily, and hosted by the non-governmental organization Attiva-Mente.

During the event, representatives of organizations from Belgium, Romania, Portugal, Hungary, Italy and Macedonia had a unique chance to share and learn more about peer-to-peer learning approaches, to discuss the sustainability of the EPTO network and to develop long-term partnerships for future joint projects. In particular, the focus was put on:

  • Mapping good practice in peer-to-peer approaches used by EPTO members in the fields of education for diversity, intercultural and inter-religious dialogue and tolerance, and expanding the outreach to other members;
  • Setting-up new partnerships within the network for developing/expanding projects in these fields, with a focus on acting locally for the benefit of marginalized groups;
  • Deciding on the future role of EPTO as a support platform for youth organizations;
  • Electing our new board.

The workshops and sessions of the event were delivered using very creative and professional approaches by the experienced EPTO trainers, which certainly contributed to enhancing the skills and competencies of the participants for working with youth in their local communities, as well as for working in international projects.


The Annual EPTO Event for Members 2018 was a most valuable experience for Volunteers Center Skopje, as it resulted in reinforcing our collaboration with organizations within the EPTO network. It also expanded our partnership network with new European partner organizations interested in long-term cooperation, and upgrading our capacity for including peer-to-peer learning methods. Not only in our local and international projects, but also in our organization’s functioning and the relations between our staff.

Vasko Joshevski

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