Welcome Ewelina, our new Volunteer from Poland!

Zdravo, everybody!

I’m Ewelina and I’m coming to this sunny land from Poland. I developed the curiosity to discover other countries and cultures and enough courage to go and explore the world, but still I didn’t develop the ability of talking about myself so I don’t even know where to start. Maybe I should start by saying that I’m a total Balkan lover. Once I came here for a short trip but after leaving the Balkans I noticed that the Balkans never left me. I travelled a lot, I did my Erasmus semestre in Bulgaria and I was eager to visit every corner of the Balkans. So it was a natural next step to do my EVS in Macedonia.

Sometimes I feel like life is giving me random inspirations, but actually every single decision I have taken lead me somewhere. I studied in 3 different faculties, even though everybody around me said: “Are you crazy doing so many things at the same time?” But I liked the feeling of being busy all the time and with grand enthusiasm I ran around with a camera taking pictures of absolutely everything, juggled, played African drums and even joined an American football team (Yes! Girls can also do that!), started to learn Italian 3 times and Chinese and so forth...

My biggest inspiration are people that I meet and I grow so much thanks to them. I love multicultural company and I always try to learn as much as I can about other cultures. Of course, I’m also crazy about languages so my first question to people from other countries will be how to say something in their language. My head is basically like a storage of words and expressions in many, many languages, sometimes they random, sometimes useful and sometimes just funny. Once you experience something you often won’t notice how much it affected you. When you are watching football match of Brazil with Brazilian friends and naturally start shouting together with them “Vai! Vaaaai!”, from then on you will always shout „Come on!” in Portuguese and not in Polish while watching any game with anyone. When you spend a few days in Bulgaria hearing „Hajde!” everywhere on the streets, after coming back to Poland you will keep saying to your own friends „Hajde!” even if they don’t get what you want. I think it’s precious to be able to say basic things in other language not to show off but to show to the other people that their language and culture is one of a kind and you appreciate it. So, this is me, shortly saying. Or maybe not that shortly, ’cause even though I can’t talk about myself I generally can’t be brief and I talk a lot. Hopefully soon, I will be able to talk a lot in Macedonian as well!

Ewelina Chańska

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