A taboo topic: Magic

What is magic? When we think about this topic, several things come to mind: Harry Potter, the wizard with his dove, evil people casting spells to make people’s lives miserable, mermaids, goblins, dragons… things that may or may not be accurate… But really, what is magic?

Magic has many definitions: occult art or science with which it is intended to produce, using certain acts or words, or with the intervention of imaginable beings, results contrary to natural laws. Charm, spell, or attraction of someone or something. But for me, none of this is magic.

Society has more and more integrated into its mind the earthly ideology: If I see it, I believe it; if not, it does not exist. They cannot open their hearts and minds to new experiences or other points of view. 

There are many different types of magic, but I will talk about color magic.

Krystal Ng | Unsplash

– White Magic: This type of magic is used to ward off evil and attract positive things. It can be used through rituals, invocations, and intuition. But it is exclusively used to do good.

– Black magic: This magic is used to do evil. It is the most known magic in the world because it is what is used in movies. It is very harmful to use this magic because I don’t know if you have heard about Karma (all your positive or negative acts will come back to you sooner or later), but when you use this magic, it will be returned to you x2. 

– Red magic: This type of magic is characterized by two rituals: Ceremonial and sexual magic. An interesting fact about this magic is that you can use it for both good and evil because when you cast a spell with this type of magic, the effects are irreversible.

– Green magic: This specialty is usually connected with nature. It is one of the first forms of magic in the world as it serves to heal, prevent, clean, and attract abundance.

– Gray magic: This type of magic is a little strange because it is neutral magic. It cannot be considered white because you do not have the person’s consent to perform it. It is done with good intentions and does not affect Karma, but it is not recommended to use magic for someone without their consent or permission.

– Blue Magic: This magic is related to water. It is usually practiced in nature: rivers, lakes, and sea, and is generally combined with other types of magic

.- Pink magic: This specialty is an evolution of red magic. It is only used for good and usually helps people to love each other more. It always works from love for love.

Why do I explain this? Because I believe that it is necessary to have a different vision of what is magic, to know more than the evil eye, the moorings, Ouija, and always have positive intentions to make all our day to day happier and free!

Laura Camps

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