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In today’s tech-obsessed world, social media might be the perfect platform to show travelers around the world the beauty of the world, but travel is so much more than just getting that perfect picture of yourself. Travel should be enjoyable and meaningful. It should inspire and excite you, ground and rejuvenate you, challenge and give memories to you for the rest of your life, and most of all, it must humble you. Travel gives us our best stories, the most treasured memories, and countless lessons about life. It teaches us about others and ourselves, broadens our horizons, and, like a reset button, forces us to refocus on what matters. At the same time, some people don’t like traveling at all. They do it only because they need it, not because they want it. And I can understand that perspective too. Sometimes traveling, especially backpacking can be very stressful, constantly rushing and trying to survive with few hours of sleep. But then some people genuinely enjoy traveling. 

What traveling means to me? For sure, everybody has a different answer to this, but I love it because it is the best way to see the things that this planet has to offer:

  • A lot of different cultures.
  • An endless amount of people.
  • They are different landscapes.
  • Ways to live life.

Seeing the atmosphere for the first time on a new continent is impressive. For me, it felt like I’m on a different planet. It also allowed me to see and try things that I like to do and what I dislike. You are probably getting most of your knowledge about your destination from the Internet, which includes opinions, old data, and feelings from someone who has been there only once for a few days, and something terrible happened to him. Especially in big countries, there can be huge differences between cities, for example, if you go to one city at first and it feels like it’s not the right place or country for you, after going to another city further from the first one can be a dream place for you.

In my opinion, everyone who has a chance to travel gives it a try. You have a bigger chance to get a positive experience from it with an open mind and positive attitude. You will see and feel something new, see different types of buildings, and statues, try new types of food, talking with locals. Afterward, if it doesn’t feel like something you like to do, at least you have tried it and learned something new. What are you still waiting for? Book a trip!

Jasse Heikkilä

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