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We are all equal in the fact that we are all different

Тhe young people in Radovis are happy to be living in a small and peaceful town, which also offers us opportunities to fill our free time with activities that help us learn many things and help people in need. One of those opportunities is to be part of the Red Cross Branch in Radovis. Exactly […]

Tërheqja and Përkohësia

Në thelb, asgjë nuk është e përhershme.Mendoni për këtë: çfarë është e përhershme? Mund të përpiqeni të kërkoni pa pushim, gjithmonë do të merrni të njëjtën përgjigje: asgjë. Prindërit tanë nuk do të jenë këtu përgjithmonë, partnerët tanë, qentë tanë, shtëpitë tona, makinat tona, madje edhe Toka jonë nuk është e përhershme. Çdo gjë ka […]

Attachment and Impermanence

In essence, nothing is permanent. Think of it: what is permanent? You can try to search repeatedly; you will always get the same answer: nothing. Our parents aren’t going to be here forever. Our lovers, dogs, homes, cars, and even our Earth is not permanent. Everything has a beginning and an end. Why? Because it is […]

Живеејќи во виртуелен свет

Вести, слики, видеа, информации, игри, работа од далечина, средба со лекар преку интернет, нарачување производи и облека, разговор со вашите пријатели од друга страна на светот. Имате пристап до сето тоа ако имате интернет и паметен телефон или друг уред што може да се користи за да ве доведе на интернет. Во денешно време има […]

Living in a virtual world

News, images, videos, information, games, working remotely, meeting doctors remotely, ordering products and clothes, and speaking with your friends on another side of the world. You have access to that all if you have Internet and a smartphone or other device, which can be used to get you online. Nowadays, over 10 billion devices are […]


“In the summertime, when the weather is hot, you can reach right up and touch the sky” — Mungo Jerry Ahh summertime at last! Nice to see y’all again for this June edition. I can already see you all looking forward to take a dip in the pool or the sea, enjoying an ice cream […]

Are Dreams Realizable?

“Anybody can be a halfway man, but the one who rises above this class is the one who keeps everlastingly pushing” – J. Ogden Armour Out of all things I enjoy, reading the biography of great men (and great women) gives me the best pleasure. Of all books I’ve read, books about those who had […]

Volunteering in a Spanish village that even Google can’t find

What is “Agres”? Do you mean “Sagres”? No, Mr. Google, it’s Agres, trust me. A village is resting on a peaceful mountain that is ever so present in the narrow streets that feel more vertical than horizontal. A bundle of houses squashed together – a place where everything is close, and the people are even […]

India’s one-billion-dollar slum

“I strongly believe that the west has much to learn from societies and places which, while sometimes poorer in material terms, are infinitely richer in how they live and organize themselves as communities” – Prince Charles. Featured in the Oscar-winning Slumdog Millionaire movie, Dharavi is one of the world’s most infamous slums. The film depicts a cliché […]

Folk horror: a sub-genre of horror that draws on the roots of our cultures

Witches, demons and ancient gods… Folk horror feeds on the oldest popular myths and legends of our history, sources of fascination and deep fear buried in each of us. Imbued with enchantment and occultism forgotten in our modern society, lose yourself on a short journey into the heart of the folk horror mysteries. Before we […]

Македонски шлагери-заборавено музичко богатство

“Музиката ја измива прашината на секојдневието од душата” — Берголд Авербах Музиката е секаде околу нас, таа е комбинација на вокални и инструментални звуци и форма на емоционално изразување. Доживеала многу промени со развојот на светот и токму затоа некои видови на музика и музичари остануваат заборавени во времето во кое се создале. Во нашите […]